Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good news of Great Joy!

Sarosa posting today.  I love, love, love Christmas Season! I love the celebration of Jesus' birth, and I have the most wonderful memories of Christmas from childhood. Our house looked, smelled, tasted, and sounded like Christmas!

Anyway, this is a single image, Bethlehem With Verse. I embossed the image with silver. Then I traced over the star with a versamark pen, and re-embossed it with gold.

Note: I was using a rather dry versamark pad, so I did not get great coverage on the bottoms of these cards (I think I was a bit hurried, and didn't press firmly enough). For this top one, I just added more ink and more embossing powder.    Funny, my heat gun kept putting air bubbles, dozens and dozens. I finally figured out how to position the cardstock best, but you can see I still had a couple!  I also filled in the spots where the script is not right, but unfortunately, spilled something on the card and ruined it. :-( So, no corrected picture, sorry about that!

I hesitated over posting this second card, because it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked it to. However, I really liked the concept: I embossed the image with sticky embossing powder, then brushed different colors of mica powder over the scene. As you see, the blue did on the bottom looks a bit odd. It's very important not to heat sticky emboss powder too long, or it will not look smooth and shiny, but very dull. As I said above, I also did not check that I had thoroughly coated the stamped image. Still, I hope you are inspired!